Norv~! Liked Teddy Bridgewater’s Pro Day Workout

Joe De Sena’s Military-Grade Workout of the Day

You have years worth of game film on the guy, you’ve seen him do things in actual game situations, and you either think the guy can play football or you think he can’t. Hey, if enough teams want to pass on Teddy Bridgewater to let him get to #8, the Vikings better be sprinting to the podium in order to make that pick happen. For some reason, Bridgewater chose to throw today without a glove after spending his entire college career throwing with one. I don’t care what the guy’s wearing on his hands.
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What does this mean? Obviously its not positive for his draft stock, but one poor workout shouldnt discredit the talents that are evident on his years of film. After all, workouts dont directly translate to success in the NFL. We all know how Russells career played out.
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Teddy Bridgewater underwhelms at pro day workout

There was jumping, crawling, push-ups, squats, and hundreds of burpees.”You can bet each and every person has reached the end of their comfort zone,” says De Sena. Looking at the first round of the day (workout below), we have little doubt. De Sena lead the cadets after a few officersapproached him at the Spartan Atlanta race and asked if he was willing to come down and lead a workout “I jumped at the chance to thank those in uniform, he says. Here’s the bulk of his grueling workout. After a 15 minute dynamic warm-up: 15 Star Jacks Run in place for 1 minute, high knees 15 Burpees Simulated rope skip for 1 minute Plank 1 minute Run in place for 1 minute, quick feet 25 squats Lateral hops for 1 minute 15 Lateral lunges Bear Crawl front 25 yards, bear crawl back 25 yards 25 Flutter Kicks Mountain Climber for 1 minute Partner drag 20 yards Recover 3 minutes, recite the Spartan Code Wrestle 2 minutes
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